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The Power of Optimism

A high performance sales program

 Your business success hinges on having a sales force

that does not lose its edge when the going gets rough.


Extensive research has shown, the attribute that sets high achievers apart from the average person is their level of optimism. Optimists see themselves in control of events. They believe that adversity is short-lived and manageable and they can take action to overcome obstacles on the road to success. Optimists are more likely to be self-motivated, resourceful, assertive and decisive in challenging situations. They cope well with frequent frustration and stress.


Optimism is not new - but our understanding of its importance for high performance definitely is.


Traditional wisdom holds that there are two ingredients of success aptitude and motivation. Dr.Martin Seligman in his research of more than twenty years has shown that the traditional wisdom is incomplete without optimism which is the third and a very important ingredient for success. Optimism is a learned attribute, and one that can be shaped and nurtured to pay real dividends in a more resilient workforce. Further, research shows that optimists enjoy better health, take less time off work, are more adaptable in a changing environment, and perform at higher level.


Research, validated by more than 500 studies at over 100 universities around the world, has proven the importance of optimism. The famous test for optimism, SASQ, administered to over 400,000 prospective and current employees from over 75 companies in many different industries, confirms the benefits of optimistic employees.





  • Optimistic sales agents outsell pessimistic agents by 37%
  • Extremely optimistic sales agents outsell the extremely pessimistic agents by 88%
  • Pessimistic agents are twice as likely as optimists to quit their jobs
  • Extremely pessimistic agents are three times more likely to quit than extremely optimists 

Call Center/

Customer Service


  • Top performing representatives were found to be 50% more optimistic than below average performers 



  • Optimistic sales agents outsell pessimistic agents by 20%
  • Optimistic managers outsell the pessimistic managers by 27%



  • Optimistic sales agents outsell pessimistic agents by 29%
  • Extremely optimistic sales agents outsell the extreme pessimistic agents by 39%

Office Products


  • Optimistic sales agents outsell pessimistic agents by 19%



  • Top performing salespeople were found to be 25% more optimistic than below average performers

Real Estate


  • Optimistic sales agents outsell pessimistic agents by 33%



About the Program: The focus of this high performance sales program is to help you develop a strong sales force, that is positive, resilient, and self motivated.

The program provides the participants

  • In-depth understanding about optimism and its significance.
  • The impact of optimism on performance.
  • The ways and means to change from a pessimist to an optimist.                 

What to Expect from the program?


At organizational level

  • Improved sales results.
  • A forward looking and resilient sales force.
  • Reduced employee turnover.
  • More effective team work.

At personal level

  • Improved performance.                                                                                               
  • Increased ability to adapt to change and overcome difficulties.
  • Greater persistence and commitment.
  • Better health.

Who should attend the program Sales, Marketing and Customer Service work force.


Program duration: One Day.


About the Speaker: Khawaja Aamir Majeed is an M.B.A. from the IBA Karachi. He is the past Managing Director of Boehringer Mannheim Pakistan . He has twenty years experience in General Management, HR, Marketing and Sales with the leading blue chip multinationals like Glaxo, SK&F, Smith Kline and Beecham, Boehringer Mannheim and Roche. Currently he is working as a Consultant/Trainer. His focus is on training and development of executives, organizational development & cultural change.

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