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Organizational Health /Climate Survey


An Organizational Health/climate Survey helps the employers in understanding the concerns, attitudes, motivators and the way employees perceive the organization. A comprehensive evaluation of employee satisfaction can best be seen as a 'check-up' on the internal health of the organization. Like any check-up it shows what is working well and where there are areas needing improvements.


The OHS covers employee attitudes, all aspects of employees working life with an employer, covering not only what they do but what they think and feel about the employer. It is conducted on regular basis to identify key trends and patterns among employees attitudes and behaviour to anticipate upcoming problems.


The study can broadly categorized into four main components are summarized as

'4Cs': Commitment, Culture, Communication and Compensation.


An assessment of employee commitment in all its various forms is the foundation of OHS. Committed employees are not only less likely to leave the organization but they are more productive and effective.


Evaluation of culture and work ethics from the employees perspective determines to what degree your company's values and mission statement are being carried through to employees and to what degree employees believe that the company operates ethically, openly and with a concern for their well-being.


A measure of corporate communication is another critical component. It tells you how well employee are kept informed about the changes within the company to make them feel they are an important part of the company and how easily they can get the information they need to work most efficiently.


This study also examines satisfaction with compensation and benefits overall and comparatively both inside and outside the organization.


The scope of this study could be enlarged cosidering needs of organization and the issues being faced.


The Survey Process:
When survey is launched, each employee is given a unique access code that allows them to begin answering the questionnaire. The access code is a 'one- use' code that is discarded once the survey is complete. This ensures the complete anonymity of the responses and prevents any employee from answering multiple surveys


Key components: For each of the following components a separate questionnaire is prepared.


Ethical and legal behaviour Work
Profitability/Cost-consciousness Quality
Customer Focus Mission and purpose
Positive Attitude Compensation
Employee development Workplace Resources
Teamwork Work/Life Balance
Continuous improvement Fairness
Innovation Leadership
Speed/Responsiveness Respect for Employees
Feedback Communication
Job Stress Freedom of expression


Sample Questionnaire

1. The leaders of this organization really know what they are doing.

2. The amount of work I am asked to do is always reasonable.

3. I am always treated fairly by my manager.

4. My salary is competitive with similar jobs I might find elsewhere.

5. I respect my manager as a competent professional.


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Analysis and Reporting


All reports include a comprehensive analysis of the 4Cs (Commitment, Communications, Culture, Compensation) as well as review of issues specific to the organization, such as determining what factors are driving recent changes in employee satisfaction or looking in detail at perceptions of leadership by senior management etc.


Survey system is highly scalable and can support several thousand users.


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