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Our organizational development process aims at developing the organization to its full potential. This process is fully customized taking into account the company's stage of development, size, resources and the environment in which it operates. A consultant with proven track record as senior executive in some reputed organization is engaged with the company on regular basis to catalyze the process of OD and help the company in successfully implementing the OD initiatives.
The process could be briefly outlined in the following steps,

  • Designining of the vision, mission and values of the company.
  • Alignement of all internal systems, policies and procedures with the vision, mission and values at all levels.
  • Waste elimination from the company to reduce costs and improve productivity.
  • Development and installation of customized performance indicators along with the monitoring tools to ensure continuous improvement on key performance indicators.
  • Training and coaching of the managers to shift them to a higher level of functioning. 

Role of the consultant

  •  to act as a catalyst in all matters
  • to keep the process on track and run as planned.
  • deliver expert advice on all the sales management issues
  • help in the development and implementation of key initiatives  


Organizational Development Objectives

  • To assist the management in developing the organization to its full potential.
  • To help develop a culture conducive for growth and continuous development. 
  • To assist the management in implementing its values into practice to reflect internally what they are seeking externally  


Development Process/Action Plan.


     Stage 1: First step would be to identify the main issues being faced by the organization and key aspirations of the management. This will be done by extensive discussions, interviews with employees at all levels and some company and industry analysis.


Stage2 : In collaboration with the  management a  future model of the organization will be developed. This will help in developing a vision about the future shape of the organization. At this stage divisional vision, mission and values will be set and communicated with the help of all the concerned managers.

Stage 3:  Third step would be to find out where we stand now and determine the gap between the current organization and the model organization and specifically point out the weak areas and the strengths. At this stage in house research work will be done to correctly measure the performance of the organization in the following key areas:

Customer Satisfaction.

Employee Satisfaction

Organizational Culture.

Management of Resources.

Process control and improvement.

Management of People.


Training and Development.

Business Strategy.

Leadership Style. 

Stage4: At this stage Strategic Plan will be prepared and finalized along with the priorities set regarding, what needs to be done first, second, third and what needs not to be done at all.  Further more, at this stage a comprehensive Performance Improvement  Plan/ OD Plan will be prepared in collaboration with all the concerned managers.

Stage5: Fifth stage would be to develop and implement solutions. At this stage, for all the key performance areas measured in stage 2, implementable solutions will be worked out with the help of the company's management to remove weaknesses and cash on strengths.

Stage 6: Based on the company's strengths, weaknesses and the company specific priorities, training programs will be developed and delivered. Trainings will only be need based offering solutions to the existing problems or having some strategic importance to strengthen the weak areas. Each training program will be accompanied by some changes in the processes, controls, or introduction of some new monitoring tools to capture the impact of the training.


Following is a list of some of the development oriented training programs.


Framework for Training






The Right Attitude for Success

 This program aims at changing the thinking and attitude of the employees towards, themselves, work, organization and colleagues. This helps in building a sound foundation for organizational develoapment.

The program works by stimulating a positive change in Attitude, EQ & Performance by developing the whole being through Self Awareness.

The program further helps in developing managers who are customer focused, innovative, believe in meritocracy, have high integrity, are real team players and have high degree of humility.

3 Days


How to Manage Resources 

-Setting the right priorities , focusing on high value added decisions,

how to avoid micromanagement, 80/20 principal of decision making, tips on time mgt. and tips on team's time mgt.

1 day


How to conduct meetings

-How to use meetings to, keep the team focused and motivated, develop the team, identify critical issues and problems, and develop strategies to solve the issues.

1 day


Interviewing, Recruitment & Selection Techniques

Defining what is the most appropriate candidate, steps involved in best recruitment practice, principles of structuring interviews around core competencies, conducting the interviews, closing the gap between recruitment and selection activities and skills and competencies required.

1 day


Coaching & Mentoring.

Coaching and mentoring is the only guaranteed way of improving employee's performance and productivity? Coaching and mentoring can play a key role in organizational development and sustained growth in employee performance.

This program imparts a good insight into WHY, WHEN and HOW of coaching. It gives useful tips to managers for developing a coaching and mentoring culture in the organization. It teaches the vital skill of leading through coaching for creating superior teams and developing performance.

1 day



This program talks in detail about the WHAT, WHY and HOW of CRM. It discusses the role of internal and external customers and strategies to retain and satisfy internal/external customers. Further it gives useful tips for implementing the CRM process within the organization.

2 days


Sales Xcellence

- Introduction to marketing, understanding the marketing process, marketing plan, marketing vs. sales, key business drivers, key sales drivers, role and responsibilities of sales managers, tips for sales managers, approaches to sales planning, developing a sales plan, tips on sales planning.

2 days


Team Motivation


 1 day

Team Building  

1 day

Customer- centered Leadership


2 days



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